Tuesday, August 01, 2006

School Hols

As any of you with young children will know, trying to get anything constructive or creative done is pretty difficult in the holidays. I am, however, taking my camera with me wherever we go as well as my sketchbook (a little optimistic but you never know!) just in case. The first day of the school hols we took Kamal down to the British Motor Show. I love driving and obviously appreciate good design and had a good day regardless but there are limits, so if you want to see pretty car photographs Kamal has a few of them (him and his dad took hundreds) on his blog. The highlights for me were this formula one car that had been dismantled and each little piece hung by fishing line from the ceiling like an art installation, pretty amazing...

and I managed to grab the camera long enough to take these pics of windows to add to my growing collection. In retrospect these might be just as boring as a show full of motor cars but at least I can do something with these!

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