Thursday, December 03, 2009

UK Handmade Magazine Winter 2009

No one told me when I ended up as editor / webdesigner of ukhandmade it would take over my life (probably because they didn't want to scare me off!) but however tough it gets it's this moment that makes it all worth while. The flutter of butterflies I get when Jo has waved her designer's magic wand over it and sends it back to my inbox all sparkly and finished is irreplaceable.

You can read it in all it's glory over at - enjoy!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


This didn't come out as I had originally envisaged it but after living with it for a couple of days now I don't think I want to touch it. It has it's own energy, albeit a slightly broken one (hence the title) that is slightly disturbing but not unpleasant. I've noticed too my work has been getting more and more monochrome. This wasn't intentional but I've been so concerned with texture and and technique that making decisions about which colours to use has obviously been moved to the bottom of my list of priorities. Should I read something into this? Probably not. I am running out of white paint though...