Saturday, May 26, 2007

Colour Therapy

After three weeks solid of cleaning and stripping and painting and 'decluttering' (ie. packing things we can manage without for the time being into boxes and storing in mother-in-laws attic) we are finally depersonalised and ready to sell. If it weren't for the agents telling us we have increased the value of our place considerably in doing so I might have resented it but it is so nice to be clean and spotlessly tidy, if not a touch stark. I am suffering from colour deprevation and I am desperate to get my work out and make a creative mess. But needs must and I have satisfied my cravings by buying beautiful bright fabric from ebay. As I mentioned before I bought a stash of books for my birthday (it was on the 1st Suzie, seems like a life time ago!) and with my new crochet skills I am trying out different potentional designs for bags amongst other things. These gorgeous pieces in the pics will hopefully become the linings. I have lots more goodies to show but they are tucked away as they fall in to the 'clutter' category. Will dig them out as soon as I can!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's all gone a bit beige...

I'm still around, just up to my neck in emulsion while we 'neutralise' the flat ready to sell. Gone is my beautiful japanese cherry wall in the bedroom, gone is the stars and rockets and planets that adorned my son's ceiling, the 'dot com' purple in the kitchen is next to be targeted. We have gone cream and beige and white. My worst nightmare. It used to be that you decorated when you moved into a place but house prices being what they are here you have to decorate before you leave to squeeze every penny you can out of, or rather into the value of your property to stand a chance of buying somewhere bigger. Oh well, sobeit. I have to admit though I am rather enjoying the process now I have got over my initial panic, and it is rather exciting to think that we will have a garden and if I am lucky a room of my own to work in! (And don't tell anyone but I am actually starting to like the beige and cream walls too, perfect backdrop for some of my brighter canvases!) And the flower? I gave in trying to learn crochet off the internet and treated myself to a book or two with my birthday money, lots of new projects on the way!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blink and you miss it...

No, not the snail, it was still there an hour later, much to Anya's delight. This is how I wish I was at the minute, going at a snail's pace, having the time and the energy to take everything, to relax and take it easy. As hard as a try to get things done and caught up I seem to be landed with more and more things to do. Time seems to be flying by, the days turn into weeks into months into years and all of a sudden I'm five years off being 40! Mid life crisis? Not exactly but I do suddenly feel I'm not going to get everything finished in time to enjoy any of it. (Please note this is spoken with a huge dollop of irony, I don't do depressed so don't worry!). Plus we are about to pack part of our lives up and live in a state of no man's land while we attempt to move up the property ladder. I suddenly know how Dorothy felt as her house was whisked up by the tornado wondering where it was going to land. There's no place like home...there's no place like home...