Monday, July 31, 2006

Bad Mum!

I'm ashamed to say that poor Kamal has been waiting and waiting for me to scan his increasingly large pile of drawings to put on his blog and all I keep saying is 'I'll do it later'. It's been about 2 months later now so I have spent the whole of today and most of this evening making up for it. And I'm not even half way through. Serves me right!! But I have noticed just how his drawing has developed even in that small space of time, he's already got his own definate style appearing, and although it is still cartoony I've noticed quite a mature line. I even asked him if he had done a couple of them himself to which he just tutted as if I had said something really stupid - well, who else would have done them Mum? Dad? The baby? Ok, point taken. Need to pay a bit more attention me thinks!

1 comment:

Suzie Q said...

Brilliant work, Kamal!
And you're not a bad mum, Karen - just a busy one! :)