Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blink and it's Christmas

Oh I had so many plans for this Christmas yet here we are again with no time left to do any of them. My new years resolution? To plan for next Christmas in January. It's the only way.

Having said that I am definitely getting into the Christmas spirit with frosty mornings, school plays, seasonal craft fairs and of course the Winter edition of UK Handmade.

We even put up the Christmas tree a whole 4 weeks early! The kids finish school this week and then we can relax and indulge to our hearts content. I usually work right up to Christmas Day but not this year. I am all "up-to-date-and-on-holiday". Tis a very good feeling.

This has been a year of slogging and learning things the hard way, particularly about myself and what I want to do with my career. I have found myself wearing many hats, some which fit better than others, the result of which has made me more determined to follow my heart and get back out into the world. This has been the first year I haven't been creating so much and blogging even less and I miss it badly. But as is often the way you have to step away from something to be able to appreciate it more and understand what is most important.

Roll on 2011, I have some exciting things planned...