Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Family Portraits

Anahata Katkin is starting an altered album project for imaginary family portraits based on her wonderful collages and invited others to do the same. As geneology is an ongoing interest for me I thought this was an interesting idea but I'm not quite sure how I'm going to tackle it. I have found a pretty little victorian album (only about 4 x 5 inches) but I'm not a fan of altering books of any description, seems almost sacreligious, but the mounts inside are crying out to be filled. It also has an inscription on the inside cover, most of which is illegible but it has a couple of names and is dated September 19 - 1866. I will never have the original photos so it will be interesting to use this as a starting point to create a new family. Once I figure out how I am going to approach this I shall post pics on Whispers.

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Hanne said...

Oh, I really envy you this little album - it´s just wonderfull!