Friday, September 30, 2005

Sudden Light

I have been here before,
But when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door,
The sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.

You have been mine before, -
How long ago I may not know:
But just when at that swallow's soar
Your neck turned so,
Some veil did fall, - I knew it all of yore.

Has this been thus before?
And shall not thus time's eddying flight
Still with our lives our love restore
In death's despite,
And day and night yield one delight once more?
DG Rossetti

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Going round in circles

It's always difficult to put into words what I do visually so hopefully this journal will help - me, if no one else! I'm also reluctant to explain my work because I would rather people take from it what they want and not necessarily be influenced by what inspired it. Then again I'm an illustrator and words are crucial to work as they conjure up the images in my head in the first place and I would love to be able to vocalise that to other people, because like it or some do ask.

Basically my head is a jumble of contradictions and fretful descision making and for me to get work produced sometimes I need a clear out mentally (and physically - I'm always spring cleaning whatever the time of year). So bear with me if this journal starts off a bit sporadically but I've come to the conclusion it's better to just write something, anything, than waste time trying to figure out what to do first!

I've started with the two main themes that are running through my work at the moment, Whispers and Cadence and will come back to them as and when the mood takes me. I was asked at a recent exhibition what inspired the Cadence paintings so will do my best with that one and the Whispers series is very much work in progress so you will see those as they develop. And I will add other projects and ideas in between all this, bit like a scrapbook and sketchbook all in one.

Let's see if I can actually go in a straight line for a change instead of dizzying circles!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Cadence -
1. a fall in the pitch of the voice, esp. at the end of a phrase or sentence.
2. intonation, tonal inflection.
3. the close of a musical phrase.
4. rhythm; the measure or beat of sound or movement.