Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was hoping to show you pics of our trip to the beach at the weekend but sadly my camera died and I can't get the photos off until I get a more up to date card reader. So we will have to make do with a pic from my trusty old camera phone of the pebbles I bought back for now.

Despite the death of my camera it was a fab day out, we found a stretch of beach as yet untainted by nasty amusement arcades and doughnut stands but adorned with gorgeous little beach huts and the cutest little lighthouse I think I've ever seen.

It's not often I find a place that tugs away at me but I am already pining to go back. I can see myself retiring in one of those beach huts with a little radio, a whistling kettle and a huge pile of books to read.

Oh and don't forget the chocolate biscuits.

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Pipany said...

Sounds a special place and would be lovely to see pictures sometime. So much inspiration out there in nature isn't there? x