Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Trial and error

Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. This one is definately a failure (although strangely it looks quite good in the photo). I will have to be careful when printing these fabrics that there isn't too much white as as soon as it gets stuck onto the book cover its turns grey. Or I cover the board in a layer of white first. And the black stitching is too heavy. Back to the drawing board methinks!


ChichiBoulie said...

It looks fabulous from the photo, but I hear you on the white. however, I think the black stitching looks great!

You've been tagged!

Anita Davies said...

I agree's awful, must be driving you mad having to look at a friend...I'm willing to lighten your burden...Send it to me and I'll scribble all over it...everyday...just to punish it!
LOL @ me!

natural attrill said...

I like this, looks good in the photo anyway.