Sunday, March 09, 2008


Last year I was given a copy of Adobe's Illustrator CS3 for my birthday and it has taken me nearly a year to find time to even look at it properly let alone how to figure out how to use it. But a couple of weeks ago I stayed up extra late after the kidlets had gone to bed to tackle it. The first attempt was the little birdy above - looks simple enough but it took the best part of two hours and I wasn't sure I knew how I did it!

Next I tried the cake. These, by the way, are card ideas I scanned straight out of my sketchbook, used the trace feature in Illustrator to redraw the lines (I love that bit) then filled with patterns I imported as jpegs. Hence the complication - too many steps to learn in one go!

The drawing for this last one was too broken and sketchy (as I found out after playing around with it for over an hour) so I redrew it by hand and tried again. I actually think I prefer the sketchier look of the first two pics but at least I am working out how the program works and what it'll do for me. The next step is to learn how to create my own patterns in Ilustrator, very exciting!


Anita Davies said...

Ooooh Kala I love them, the little birdie is too cute!

PG said...

Ah, the beguiling world of Illustrator, so tempting and darned complicated I am not even going to go there! I love what you've done with it though - have you thought about sending off that cake design to a card company such as the Artworks or Phoenix?