Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This super chunky little A6 book was made at the request of the fabulous Moopf. A full one and a half inches thick handstitched watercolour paper are adorned by Moopf's own printed fabric covers. I am in the process of making more, in the meantime this one is available in his etsy shop!


RecycleCindy said...

Your handmade books are wonderful. The colors are so vivid and beautiful!

Jennifer Rose said...

very nicely made book. You both look like you did a great job with this. :D

natural attrill said...

Your books look like they are so beautifully made. Nice idea collaborating with another artist.

Clothcat said...

Great book. Really nicely made. I don't know if you've been tagged already, but if you haven't I'm taggin you. Rules are:
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Diane said...

Very nice book indeed!

Cover fabric is lovely :)