Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Crafting 365

The lovely Lupin over at Etsy has started a flickr group called Crafting 365. The idea is to do a little bit of crafting every day and record what you do, a very good way to finish off those projects you have lurking in cupboards (of which I have loads) and feeling like you have achieved something on a daily basis, however small!

This is a philosophy I adopted when my eldest was a baby, instead of getting frustrated at what I hadn't got done I decided to do a little bit every day and slowly things got done and my business grew from there. Since having my daughter and trying to move house and stuff I have slacked lately so this group has come at a good time.

So far I have finished 2 necklaces and a scarf, all now for sale in my other etsy shop Up With the Lark

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