Monday, August 20, 2007

Fitzwilliam Museum

Friday was spent in the Fitzwilliam musuem. The staff were particularly amused to see me sat on the floor with a sketchbook with my two little artists in residence doing the same. I am not the most patient of sketchers but there is enough asian and greek pottery here to keep me inspired. (And an exhibition of Howard Hodgkin's paintings to oooh and aaah over.)

I've said this before but I really must draw more. Pah. I can hear my old art tutor now - my sketchbooks at college were drearily empty, to my shame I would much rather have the paints out making a mess and if I hadn't discovered collage when I did I suspect that my art career would had died before it had begun! No such worries for my son though, he will make a wonderful illustrator should he choose to do so. He thankfully doesn't seem to have inherited my lazy gene. You can check out his wonderful drawings on his blog.

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