Thursday, March 22, 2007

Orchids and obstacles

I so wish I was like this orchid, I yearn for this kind of peace and stillness in my crazy chaotic life. It was a mother's day pressie from my little angels and I just hope I look after it properly as I am not known for my gardening abilities. The last orchid that found it's way into my house lasted all of two days but this one seems a lot happier.

As for everything else, I have a long list of things to finish or start and life keeps getting in the way. As much as it pains me I am going to have to write a list and get organised again, start ticking things off before time slips away and I collapse in a heap trying to finish everything at the last minute. Having winter return with a vengeance just as I was getting excited about spring arriving hasn't helped. We've had hail storms, snow, bright sunshine, more hail and back to sunshine in the matter of minutes and it is soooo cold. I am in a spin again and need it to stop. Now!


suzie q said...

I am so with you on that list-writing, get-organised-soon-or-else type feeling, Karen! The orchids are beautiful - just remember to water them before they dry out and they should last ages..
they do look so blissfully peaceful :)

Have a good weekend, and good luck with getting everything done! You are not alone! ;)

Suze xXx

Neasa said...

This orchid is so beautiful - I kill them too, though. Grrr!

*FedEx'ing you some oxygen & chamomile tea*

Breathe. Drink. Repeat.


natural attrill said...

Beautiful orchid, what a lovely present.
I find lists helpful, at least things are written down so they dont take up so much space in my head.
Best of luck with all you have to do, you will get there, or if you are like me, there isnt a 'there' the list just grows, but you will work along it.

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