Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Around the world

Feeling much better today, the painkillers are doing their job and although I won't be turning cartwheels for a while yet (!) I don't yelp every time I try to walk / sit / bend / stand / reach etc. I even managed to get these little pages ready to post for an Around the World book swap I'm in. Sorry guys for being late but they are on their way!!


natural attrill said...

Hi Karen, sorry to hear about your back and glad the pain killers have kicked in. Get better soon!
I like the trees in your last post.

suzie q said...

Beautiful pages, Karen :) Glad to hear you're feeling better - you have my utmost sympathy, as I did the same thing about a month ago - back to normal now, so I hope you recover as quickly. The illustration of your pain was very clever! Hope it's all gone soon.
Sue x