Thursday, March 01, 2007

Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey, a magical place, a magical day!


Robyn said...

I see that you found the fairy in this magical garden :-)

Kala said...

lol - oh yes!

suzie q said...

And magical photo's!
Wonderful, Karen. I've never been to Anglesey. Best get that sorted soon!

natural attrill said...

Fantastic photo's, the colours in the first are beautiful and those white tree trunks in the second look great in contrasrt to the earth, then fading away to the top.

We went to Anglesey a couple of years ago for our holiday, swimming in Church Bay was lovely, did you go there?


Kala said...

oh it's not that Anglesey, this is in Lode near Cambridge, sorry for the confusion but it is still worth the visit!

FlickrCrazy Guy said...

Add your photos here!