Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sneaky Peak


suzie q said...

Oh Karen! I've just come from Chalk Hill (I love that name), where I was drooling over the beautiful baby creations, and now I find this painting ~ she looks so familiar to me, and I love your style...

Beautiful! :)

I'm intrigued by the knitting, and will be back! Thanks for your lovely comment on my 'Realise' post, and for your reassuring understanding. My Mum says exactly the same about me - and I have been a home for waifs & strays for a long time! :)

Neasa said...

I love this portrait, Kala - her expression is wonderfully subtle & the hair is perfect. Is this you?

I just popped over to Kamal's blog to see what he's been up to - WOW! His control & artistry are very noticeably growing with each post. Please tell him I said that the "Gravity" piece is wonderful - so detailed & imaginative & very well executed. Lucky boy - he got his mama's artistic genes!

Loved your sharing about the turquoise on my blog.

Hugs, Neasa.

Kala said...

Ha I wish, this is me in another life, although the lipstick is mine :0). Thanks for the comments for Kamal, his talent is much more than mine, he has a sense of imagination and freedom I never have. I just hope it continues!

suzie q said...

Hello Karen, thank you so much for popping over & leaving those comments. I would never think you were a nut, complete or otherwise! Feel like one myself at the minute, mind! ;)
I'm glad you left the instructions for the link, as I would never have found my way round otherwise! Interesting...
I'm having trouble taking anything in lately, though, so will go back when I'm feeling a bit more intelligent!
Thanks again, I really do appreciate your visits & comments, bless you xXx