Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Labour of love

This gorgeous ball of fluff is the reason I've been quiet for a few days, knitted for a very special person's birthday back home. I must confess I did intend to have a go myself but a teddy on the fly was a bit much for my poor old brain so I found used this kit instead. Kamal made a pressie too without any interference from me, and I was seriously impressed. I know I'm his mother and by definition biased towards his talents but this really bowled me over, go and have a look!

And I should tell you who's responsible for this sudden renewed interest in kntting, she's an old friend from college and has just started her own business making beautiful crochet hats, artwork and clothes for babies at her site
Giggleicious. I haven't crocheted since I was a kid and never really liked it but seeing these gorgeous flowers on her blog I wanted to have a try. Haven't managed it yet as I have only mastered one stitch but did do this little bag for Anya, and then dug out the knitting needles for THE cat.

I daresay the novelty will wear off, after 4 days of solidly knitting the ted I am desperate to get the paints out. It's half term this week and we are having an art day with Kamal and one of his friends so I might get to do something myself too.


natural attrill said...

Just had a look at your friends work, I love the little hats, they are gorgeous!

korryne said...

i can't believe one can knit an adorable little teddy bear (obviously, i am not a knitter). that is amazing, and so cute -- i want to pet it.