Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pink and Fluffy

It's official, I've gone soft. My crazy, bouncy, outdoor loving, puddle jumping daughter it seems has a penchant for anything pink and fluffy. And the pinker and fluffier the better. Worst still I had a mad moment in a department store and let her choose a ball of the pinkest and fluffiest wool you have ever seen, took it home, found my knitting needles which I haven't touched since I was about 16 and a few hours later this creature emerged which Anya thankfully recognises as a cat! Whats wrong with me? I'll be wearing pinnies and fluffy slippers next. Oh hang on, I'm already wearing fluffy slippers. Pink ones too. With cats on - OH NO!


natural attrill said...

Very cute! there seems to be a craze at the moment for handmade toys, will you be making more to sell in your online shop I wonder?
Hope all is well for you.

Leah said...

oops, just lost my comment...i just said that i'm not a fan of pink and i'm not girly at all, but that pink fluffy kitty is the cutest thing ever! could be i'm just a sucker for all things cat related. :-)

Robyn said...

Too cute by a million miles!

suzie q said...

LoL! :) Brilliant! I can just see you now, with your pink, fluffy, cat slippers on! ;)
That's a gorgeous fluffy cat you made ~ Anya must think you're the bestest Mummy in the whole wide world! You did a great job, remembering how to knit :) Fun, in't it?!
Glad to see your post, too, it seemed ages, that week!

Pink Fluffy Hugs for you & Anya ((Xx))

fiona said...

I love it! It's so cute and it makes me laugh (in a good way!)
For some reason I now have the urge to eat candy floss ;-)