Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chalk Hill Studio

Well after much faffing and to-ing and fro-ing and 'shall I?' or 'shan't I?' I decided to change the name of my ocellus website. I never really liked Ocellus Art and Design when I chose it at two in the morning six years ago now, but it was the best I could come up with at the time, and I thought the scientific sounding name might make me sound very serious and get me lots of grown up design work. Which to a point it did. But no one could pronounce or spell it properly, nor did it really cover the art side of what I was doing. So this year I finally felt with the way I have progressed and grown in the last year or so it was time for a change.

Not as easy as it sounds though. Most of the decent names have already been thought of and I needed something that was somehow connected to me, so I went back to the butterfly theme I had with ocellus and remembered the little chalk hill blue butterflies we saw in their hundreds over the summer, something I haven't seen since I was a kid. Cambridge has a large area of chalk downs where these tiny little beauties live, plus I originate from the cotswolds which is largely chalk and limestone too. And so became Chalk Hill Studio. I have already set up a blog in its name so all my business news and cardy stuff will go there. This blog will stay as it is with all my personal and arty ramblings and as for Whispers? Not sure. See how much time I have spare. Not a lot has really changed from before, just feels a bit more unified and reflects where I am now. Feels like home.

Anyway I have put some more greeting cards on there, as well as a few valentine ones. The wedding stationery is still work in progress. Go and check it out!


natural attrill said...

Your cards look very pretty. Good luck to Chalk Hill Studio!

Neasa said...

I love the new name! And the Chalk Hill site is very pretty - it has a light, airy feel - very much "you." The name change was a big decision, no? Good job following your instincts - I think it'll pay off.