Monday, November 27, 2006

AEM DAY 25 - Disaster!

Just goes to show you should never try to cut corners! I'd run out of gel medium aaagh so thought I would try to add an image transfer of a face with normal acrylic medium. Big, no, huge mistake! Because it is more liquid it takes longer to dry and soaks up more of the paper as well as the ink. Pull it off too early and you get nothing, leave it too long and you leave behind too much paper and it's a so and so to get off. So I've painted over it with more gold and blue to darken the painting, leaving the area around the window as is. The papered area doesn't show up quite as it does in the photo, that's just the effect of the camera flash and it all adds to the texture! Will have to amuse myself with something else until I get into town next!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this 'accident', Karen. I've been meaning to stock up on gel medium for weeks now - best had! I'd never heard of it 'til I started blogging this year and have found it to be a most valuable asset! The colours in this work of yours are stunning, Karen. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Leah said...

karen, the mark it left behind looks like angel wings or a butterfly! and yeah, i'd say go for it if your gut wants to paint the face. yes, you can always paint over it! so, don't worry! do some sketches first and then just play with it knowing you can scratch it out if it doesn't work out. i'm cheering you on!! :-)