Saturday, November 25, 2006

AEM DAY 24 - Work in progress

We had a fun and creative day yesterday. Apart from taking Kamal to school we didn't have to go anywhere or please anyone but ourselves. Bliss. So Anya sat at the table across from me to paint another masterpiece while I broke into one of my new canvases. It's not finished yet as I haven't decided which way to go with it but I started off covering it in torn strips of a Japanese newspaper I bought from Borders, then sploshing a thick layer of paint over it which I promptly wiped back off to allow the paper underneath to show through. This will be another tutorial piece if it works out!

Once the kids had gone to bed I did more work on my card / wedding site, which although I am still working on it in places it is open for business if you want Christmas cards! I've only set it to accept UK orders I'm afraid, mainly because when the wedding orders start coming in again I won't be able to cope but if you live overseas and have found it through blogger please email me if you would like something and I will send you a paypal invoice instead. Don't forget to look at Kamal's christmas cards, they are ones he did last year for his friends but I think they are good enough to put on the site too, much better than mine!


sage said...

what a beautiful name for a beautiful child...that's right, start them early and she'll be just as talented as her mother! Love your illustrations too, thanks for sharing!

until next time,

natural attrill said...

It so good to see another Mum creating with her kid.
Good luck with your website, hope you have lots of orders!

Leah said...

oh, i love the wedding cards! and the start to this piece with the japanese paper is looking great!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Karen, and what a lovely day you had! I love that Japanese newspaper, and Kamal's card is wonderful! :)