Friday, November 17, 2006


Back to the computer today to finish the wedding/card website I've been talking about forever and a day, will spend tomorrow tweaking and twiddling and putting more stock on then it should be ready for the grand opening - yeah! I designed a header months ago but wasn't completely happy with it so have altered it a bit (you will have to wait before you can see it, sorry) but while I was at it I had a go at one for my art tutorial blog. Thank you to everyone who has been blogging about it and adding links, you are all so kind! I shall put new tutorials on as regularly as I can, about one a week if I can manage it, and they won't all be collage related, I want to keep it varied and fun! If there is anything you've wanted to try but didn't know how to get started please ask, or if you've tried any of the techniques I've demonstrated I would love to see - either link to the blog or join the art tutorial flickr group or both! (Oh and while you are there check out my whispers group, there are some absolutely fantastic pictures there by some very talented people.)

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Anonymous said...

DONE! Thanks for the flickr groups info.