Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I needed a break from computers and websites so sat with my sketchbook and a magazine and cup of tea after the kids had gone to bed and did more sketches. I've got an idea for a wedding design floating around my head but can't quite pin it down, a contemporary version of a 1950's fashion illustration perhaps. I also want to do more editorial type stuff for my portfolio and another reason why I need to sort out my drawing issues. It's funny really because when I was studying illustration back at college in the early 90's, anything even remotely resembling art nouveau and too heavily drawing based was considered old fashioned and cliche but these days you see it absolutely everywhere. Over stylised girls with flowing hair surrounded by twiddly leaves and flowers and ornate typography is right up my street - I swear I was born 10 years too early, or too late, either would do! But of course I can't just go and do it because everyone else is, I need to find my own voice. Oh and go and get my hair cut, the drawing is inspired by a photo in the magazine, just look at that hair!


Leah said...

great drawing, she's so elegant looking!

natural attrill said...

I love the way the top of her head fades away.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawing, Karen! She does have lovely hair! And you have a wonderful 'voice' that shines through in all your work, so don't worry about all that other stuff! Happy haircut, if you get around to it! ;)

Sue x

sage said...

your drawing is dramatic and well wrought, loved it! the hair is the focal point for sure! your artistic talent is a treat, I shall return.


Colorsonmymind said...

wowee this is fabulous

Anonymous said...

This is just totally purrrrfect!