Monday, September 04, 2006

Change is in the air

Well Kamal is back at school, year 3 no less. Watching all the little ones starting nursery class brought home just how grown up our lot look plus it's only another 18 months to go before Anya will be doing the same! Wish things would slow down a little. But hey, there's no time to be maudlin, I've got work to do.

With summer officially over (in our house anyway) I've got no choice but to start planning for the next 12 months. I'm starting next years list now rather than at the new year to get a head start on myself, especially as I made such a bad job of finishing the last one. My other half bought me a gorgeous leather bound A4 filofax last year in the hope it might turn me into a super-organised-business-woman type. Not worked so far but I'm going to try harder this time. Top of my new list is the last thing on my old one, yes you guessed it, the wedding/card website. I've done all the techie stuff so now it's just a case of putting all the stock back on it. Trouble is I've changed so much in the last 12 months I'm looking at my old designs and thinking 'yuk'. Time to do some new ones. Can it be done before October? We shall see.

Other things on my list? Filling out the application form to a teaching agency to be a visiting artist at local colleges. Looking into starting workshops (a dream of mine) - found a suitable, affordable location, just not got as far as doing anything about it. Sending illustration work off to publishers. Sending articles off to magazines. Joining a local art and craft fair. To name but a few. Deep breath...


natural attrill said...

I hope Kamal enjoys his new class, yr 3 is juniors isnt it, is it a new building from the infants?

Toby has just left to catch the school bus, wearing blazer and tie. The move to senior school is strange for me, unlike primary where I knew the teachers and all the pupils in his class. There is now a lack of even imaginary control!

A list for the year - I havent thought of that, I write lists most days of things to get done, sometimes for a week, the longest is a work schedule of commissions over 3 months.

Good luck with all your projects. Workshops sound good.


Suzie Q said...

Phew! That last paragraph makes exhausting reading! Good for you for being so very organised & knowing what you want!

I hope your boy is enjoying being back at school, and that you are enjoying the breathing space..

An exciting year ahead, it's a great idea to start planning now, and I wish you the best of luck with all your projects!