Thursday, January 12, 2006

List Update

Well I am slowly but surely ticking things off my list, the most important ones being to finish both my websites. In case you are wondering I have my portfolio site (which has a link on the right) and my card design site which was very outdated and needed a facelift. I've never really had time before but my maternity leave gave me the chance to start afresh. I'm a bit over schedule though so now I have to focus on finishing them. Hence the need for a list as I was getting too distracted by other things.

So I have finished tweaking my portfolio site ( I think) and all I need to do is add more paintings and illos and a few things to sell on the shop page. I am still working on the card site, lots of boring code to deal with here as I am customising an open source script for a proper shopping cart and payment thingy - yay! I've then got to go through all my card designs from the last 4 years and chuck out the ones I don't like/don't sell, update the ones I do like/do sell and come up with a load of new fresh ones. This my take a while but will be worth it in the end. My old site made money but wasn't very efficient and was looking tired, I also got fed up with getting paid after I did the work and had to chase invoices, with this new site I get paid first and can keep better track of things.

Here is one of my revamped wedding designs for the card site, I'll add the link when it's finished!

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