Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Inspire Me Sense-less

This weeks Inspire Me Thursday challenge is to produce a piece without using your senses this time. Tricky for a control freak like me but I had a go anyway. I'm not going to say anything about this one as it would make the whole exercise futile, except to say I limited my palette to pale blues and not-quite-greens, used a palette knife instead of a brush and had a random pile of pages ripped out of magazines and just let it happen. Once finished I gave it the title 'Lost', because that's how I felt doing it. Very exhilarating!

Update - Since posting this I have been sent a poem in response to this painting...

a butterfly a tear
pale blue echos the room
a memory so clear
through the window of my mind
it circles and whirls
falls to the ground
a scrap of non-sense
not lost but found

(it's beautiful, thanks mum!)


melba said...

The poem really compliments the art in a lovely way. I like the softness of your art. Very nice.

jblack designs said...

I love your piece--senselessness and all. ;-) Very beautiful.

CheryLOL said...

This piece is simply beautiful and amazing.

carla said...

It's as if you've tapped into a tranquil aspect of your being...the blues and the images are very free, peacful, and open. This is like a dream piece...created from a dream and inspiring a dream. It's really beautiful.

Neasa said...

It feels very serene. I'm not usually a fan of pastel tones, but this piece soothes me.

khya said...

This is beautiful, serene, calm and yet so full of life. Soo much happening here, you have to stare at it a long time to take it all in. That poem is just perfect for this piece, wish my mom could write like that!
And thanks for stopping by my blog, your words were very incouraging and have bousted me for the "big" challenge!