Friday, March 12, 2010

Tick tick BOOM!

Well don't ask me where February went, I have absolutely no idea. Just after writing my last post I lit a fuse that exploded in such a way I never thought I would recover from the fallout lol - yes I'm being melodramatic and no it's nothing bad. All good, very good in fact.

2010 started with good positive vibes, I don't know why, I just had a good feeling about this year. Then I thought I really needed to ask for help with ukhandmade and take the pressure off me a little to concentrate on my new found confidence and do lots of pretty artwork for my business. What I didn't anticipate was the people who responded to my plea for help would have such energy and enthusiasm for what we are doing at ukhandmade that they have pushed us further in a short 6 weeks than we had done in the last 12 months. I can't go into details yet but it has forced me into rebuilding the website quicker than I had anticipated ready for all the new ideas and increased amount of traffic we will hopefully get as a result. Overwhelmed is not the word. I always knew we had something pretty special at ukhandmade, more than just a well designed magazine promoting the huge amount of talent we have here in the UK but also it has picked up on a wave of feeling that things need to change in our day to day lives, something that people are responding to in such a way I wasn't really prepared for. I suddenly feel humbled and honoured and scared and responsible for something a lot bigger than me but much more than that I am excited. I have butterflies in my tum on a daily basis and I haven't felt like that for years.

Hopefully things will settle down and I can find some me time soon, the ideas for chalk hill are piling up inside my head and it's all getting a bit crowded in there!


whitney-anne said...

Sounds good, sounds productive and exciting!! What a great start to the year for you, long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

Oh there you are!!! Was beginning to get worried about you - but at least your absence has been for very exciting, interesting reasons. Hope you can get back to some of your own creativity soon, it always looks so wonderful. Also hope you are jotting down all your ideas, no matter how briefly, before they fly off into the ether again. Am really looking forward to see what direction UK Handmade is going in. Take care, Jenny