Friday, August 07, 2009


Found these whilst unpacking boxes into my newly painted studio, left over from the last craft fair. They are lined notebooks I have recovered with photoprints of some of my artwork and are now in my shop. I may do more at some point but these are the only 3 left for the moment so grab em quick!


Dark Fairy said...

They are lovely- I love the Vintage look onex

whitney-anne said...

scrummy, yummy love these, actually like all yr notebooks.
Also like yr son's blog - will he be posting again anytime?

Illusio Creative said...

They are lovely Karen. You should do a tutorial on how you did this, e.g...the holes? How did you apply them, did you take out the spiral?


natural attrill said...

They are lovely, and I wondered about Kamal's blog as well, hope he carries on with it!