Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Remember this? Plans to rebuild my studio have been put on hold while we deal with bigger things in the house such as new windows and french doors in the living room.

The fun bit - when the wall came down :D

We found ourselves out in the garden while the builders worked on all 14 windows seemingly at the same time but we were suitably amused by the grass snake found hiding under the bin.

Anya was very careful not to scare it or touch it and she made this wonderful drawing complete with black stripes.

Unfortunately grandma didn't share our enthusiasm and vowed never to visit us every again!

Wasn't long before all the house was transformed (and not a builder's bum in sight!)

Now we can start painting the studio and start to move everything back out of the bedroom which has become a temporary dumping ground. Feels like moving in all over again but without the stress and exhaustion :D


Swirlyarts said...

I have never seen a grass snake and think I would run if I did! Can't wait to see the finished studio :)

Pipany said...

Oh, I quite envy you! Think I need to move in again without actually doing so here. In other words, it all needs a repaint...sigh x

Chichiboulie said...

Oh I bet you love those French doors!! Wonderful!

natural attrill said...

I LOVE Anya's drawing!