Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I am not a sun person. Some would say it's because I'm British (you know who you are) but being red headed and fair skinned (ie. devoid of any kind of pigment expect for a few freckles) this current heatwave is making me want to emigrate to Antarctica.

Anyway, British complaining about the weather aside I've been a busy bee, spent a week preparing all the articles for the summer issue of UK Handmade, completing a few commissions and thinkng about new products for Chalk Hill and new artwork for me. Evenings normally spent doing computer work are now spent relaxed in front of the tv, sewing books and watching art programmes (my favourite one this week is this one about David Hockney) and making mental notes of what I need to do and when. With the little one starting school full time in September these next two months are going to be spent preparing for my return to full time work. I am very excited. But I am also very hot. I hate to be a party pooper but I don't do sun.

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natural attrill said...

Hi Karen, I dont like too much sun either, I get prickly heat,dont think I'd emigrate to Antarctica though!!