Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's been a while since I worked on a canvas. I tend to have a rush of inspiration that dies quite quickly then I'm onto something new but I am finding as I go on (down to age/experience/maturity/laziness perhaps) that now I am able to stay on the same path and keep developing. I don't panic when I come to a dead stop because I know it's time to go out and look for new inspiration that will allow me to continue and stay fresh without feeling like a failure. Or a fraud. Or going out and working for a supermarket instead.

This particlular piece I have been working on for a year now and finally it is finished. I have 5 brand new ones on the go too, they may be completed soon, they may not.

It's good to let go, you should try it sometime.


natural attrill said...

I havent visited here for a little while, and look at all these things! your flower work is gorgeous, love the present from your friend, and this canvas is good too.

Leigh Shepherd said...

It's good to work like this sometimes isn't it? Sometimes I find myself struggling with an idea and it stops me working completely - I find if I put it to one side for a while things come together eventually! I love this piece, do you use a printing technique?