Friday, February 20, 2009

OWP day 18, 19

These are my daughters first pair of 'proper' shoes bought for her by a member of the family for her first birthday. Although she had been walking for a good few months these were too stiff for her to walk in properly and then she grew out of them! I kept them anyway as they are just too pretty. Every little girl wants to be a ballerina or princess and my little tomboy is no exception. The pink gene kicks in eventually!

This book is the first one I made using my own fabric and has become my signature design. The daisy is a motif that seems to have followed me through life, an association to my childhood where I remember watching my mum make daisy chains. Often it is the simple things in life that we treasure most.


Illusio Creative said...

Not sure what OWP day is, but I liked this post..

I still have a little pair of pumps (very similar) that I bought Orla when she was little..


p.s. I love ALL your fabric designs..

Alexandra said...

My girl has shoes like that too. She has gold ones now. They are quite stiff too. And pink stage..I don't know why but it just clicks in!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Oh-my-god! Gimme!
I have small feet!
Okay, I'm not going to steal shoes from a child.
Just almost.