Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Word Project - Final burst...

...of inspiration from today's walk round our local chalk downs. I didn't quite manage to post a photo a day (which is not surprising with my schedule) but I have a 28 photos that I am pleased with, some of which have already turned up in paintings.

Not quite sure if I will carry on with next months one word (depending of course what the word is) but I am going to continue taking photos and pay attention a bit more to what I am taking. Before this project they were more just snapshots, points of reference or structural shots to shore up my art work. Now I am trying to paint inside the camera which is adding depth and richness to my canvases and I am inspired to keep going and see where this develops.

A collage artist always need source material and producing your own not only avoids copyrights issue it adds to your own personal style, something I am finally starting to find. If I can start adding more drawn elements too I will have achieved what I set out to do.

(New readers might wonder what I am on about - to cut a long boring story short I have drawing demons which are slowly being dealt with.)

I truly wish I'd had more clarity at college all those years ago; all the elements were there but I just didn't have the maturity or enough faith in myself (or the tools!) to produce the work I wanted to do. It's been a long journey only to end up right back where I started but sometimes you need to step away and do different things to appreciate what you already have.

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Angela said...

I totally identify with what you said here. I have drawing demons too! But I didn't know what to call them until now. I think because the common perception is: art = drawing or painting, that there is part of me that believes that I should be really proficient at drawing and if can't be then I don't deserve to call myself a 'real' artist - but that's just me, and I think I'm nearly over it now. I also identify with what you said about wishing you had more clarity at college. But as some wise person said "the only really mistakes are those from which we learn nothing" which I find a good get of jail free card!