Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where did all the colour go?

I must confess to having a 'uh oh what have we done' moment when we started painting the woodwork white. Felt like I should be floating around in long frilly dresses and floppy hats a la Yoko Ono but I am telling myself this is a good thing. I have two children, two cats and do not have housework at the top of my list of daily priorities so it will be interesting to see how long it is before I'm getting out the paint charts looking for dirt friendly colours. Having said now I am starting to put things back in place and once artwork goes back up on the walls it will start to really come into it's own. And of course with my books safely stored in their new home and de cluttering well under way I am one step closer to having my new studio built. I can't wait!


ChichiBoulie said...

o wow! it looks lovely. so crisp and pristine. we went for mocha, you know, that shade of brown. i guess our children are a bit sloppier! :D

Maria-Thérèse said...

I could never have a lot of white space in a house / flat, I think. One room perhaps. But I admire those who can! My sister had a huge, white livingroom in her last flat. White sofa, glass table, pale wood. She would change the appearance of the room simply by shifting her "contrast" colour, just one colour like orange or green, and have pillows, curtains, candle holders etc in that colour. Or you could change the room simply by huge pieces of art... Good luck with it! Don't let your children eat too much chocolate ;) :D