Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have far too much of it (don't tell my other half I am saying this, he would be far too smug for my liking) and if I am going to be building myself a new workspace to fit my little room some of it is going to have to go. In the photo above you can see lots of books (the tip of the iceberg) but this is the easy bit. We are decorating the living room and hallway this weekend in time for the arrival of 3 new bookcases to be placed in convenient areas of the house, such as the roomy landing upstairs and empty wall in the living room. So the books will have a new home.

The big metal monstrosity that is immensly practical as a plan chest of sorts is far too big for in here and much better suited for our garage, and is only half full of large sheets of paper and artwork, the rest are more, erm, books, card blanks and envelopes, canvases and frames and boxes full of I don't know what. I have shelves full of niknaks and curiosities and collectables that I intend to use 'one day'. I think after years of waiting it's time to be brutal and say bye to a lot of it. Especially when I still end up working on the dining room table as I have no table space in here. (I won't mention the crates of felt and fabric and wooden things I have hiding upstairs in the bedroom).

So it's time to grow up and decide what I need and what I don't need and make my space work for me instead of trying to work round it all the time. Flickr and blogger are full of gorgeous photos of enviable studio spaces and although I know they are tidied for the photos to have everything in it's own place instead of stacked all over the floor that I have to step over everytime I go make a cup of tea is going to make my creative process a whole lot more comfortable.


ChichiBoulie said...

good luck! but remember, tidiness is the sign of a boring mind. or am I just saying that because my studio is a disaster??


Gail said...

Goodluck ...

It's something we need to do here too - I desperately need a decent space to work - but we live in a tiny one bedroom house - so it's a nightmare ... ;-(

Swirlyarts said...

Good luck with it - I've recently sorted my craft room (although there is stuff still strewn across the house) and it makes it much easier to tidy etc. Won't take long until it's back to chaos!!

natural attrill said...

Hi Karen,
It is difficult to let go of things, but a good feeling afterwards!
Good luck with your sorting out.