Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If at first... don't succeed stop what you are doing after the 50th attempt, go make a cup of tea, put on some soothing music, wait for the penny to drop and try again. Who'd have thought a simple thing like taking a couple of photos of my new cards would have taken me the best part of today. My new camera decided not to cooperate so after a bit of wrestling and brain wrangling and a teensy bit of swearing I figured it out how to get the white balance right (ie nearly white instead of totally grey even though the sun is shining). The end result still isn't as good as I'd wanted but getting there!

Bloody technology.


ChichiBoulie said...

very tricky business! congrats on figuring it out :D

Illusio Creative said...

Well done, you did really well. For me, despite having a good camera, I have totally given up trying to get decent light etc. I just take the picture and then photoshop it. To be honest, even if the picture is almost black, soon as I have adjusted all the levels. It's fine. So, thank heaven for PS, without it I would be stuff!


Also, the cards look FABULOUS!

afiori said...

I guess our brains get used to thinking "white" even when what we see is yellow, grey or blue a lot of the time! I can't remember ever having "white balance" problems with analog cameras or ever using that word. Even though I set the white balance every. single. time. I take photos indoors you can't be completely sure it's good. And then I'll see my photos on other people's computers and they'll look yellow even though I know I calibrated. GAH!

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