Saturday, November 01, 2008

Winter Cool - Art Everyday Month

I keep trying to sit down and focus on designing a few Christmas cards but I think I'm in denial - try as I might I keep getting drawn to cool colours and flowers and butterflies and pretty organic things. Christmas is already everywhere in the shops and on the internet and I'm feeling a bit overloaded! So I'm going for soft neutrals; greys teals and pinks. Cleansing the palette a little before the main course of colour!

Oh and just found this site via the lovely Christine. Art Everyday Month will hopefully give me a daily boost of creativity which is just what I need right now!


Deepa said...

ooh i like these, quite different from usual cards. :)

Eric Orchard said...

Love these1 they feel like Christmas, just wonderful.

Kim said...

What lovely designs and colours. Kimx

Illusio Creative said...

Gorgeous..absolutely gorgeous. you print at home? Tell me more????