Monday, November 10, 2008

AEM day 10

So just how packs of these gift tags will I need to sell to buy me a new camera? Too many I fear lol.

I've been busy proof reading and website coding and printing promo cards so managed to sneak these little pretties in. Off to punch holes and add ribbons now.


Sylvia C. said...

Very pretty. I love them!

Are they stamped, stickered, or other?

Have a great evening!

Sylvia C.

Kala said...

just printed on to card, nice and simple :D

ChichiBoulie said...

still loving those silver and white ones. so pretty and delicate.

natural attrill said...

My favs are the pink ones, I like the central snowflake pattern with little flowers. Very pretty!

Illusio Creative said...

More lovelies..jealous of your talent *grrr*

Btw, love the new livery and banner, very classy :D