Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Loosening up

Regular readers of my blog will know that drawing has always been a bit of a bug bear for me, the one thing that I have always been told I can do well yet it is the one thing that has always held me back as an artist. I have never kept sketchbooks of any quality, never wanted to, although I have loads of scrapbooks and texture books and lately have picked up art journaling which I love. Drawing drains and frustrates me yet if I am to produce the kind of art work and illustration that I want to I need to fix this. And soon. So I have bought a new sketchbook and pen which is just for this purpose. Good or bad I am going to add these pages to my blog and flickr and hopefully find my perfect line...


ChichiBoulie said...

They are lovely, Kala! And fabulous idea. I don't really do sketch books either though what a great idea... lol! I'm always doodling on paper and it gets very messy to say the least!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, good idea.
You'll notice how much you improve as time goes by if you keep at it too.
I really like the 1st sketch here of the guy with the coat.
I like the simple lines.

debsmuddle said...

These sketches are great Karen.I don't know how you could be worried about drawing with your obvious talent

Siansburys said...

Love your sketches, just seen the ones on your website too - they are fantastic :)
Need to start doing this again too.. I'm so undisciplined, lol

Anita Davies said...

Brace yourself, this sketching malarky is addictive!
Nice sketches