Monday, April 07, 2008

In the Pink

Two weeks of Easter holidays have flown by so it's back to work for me (but who can complain when work means doing the thing I love the most and getting paid for it!) I have been sorting through my stock and either getting rid of stuff I have been hanging on to 'just in case' or actually finishing off things I intended to do but never got round to. Such as this pretty little notebook, made from an album I made yonks ago when I was first learning bookbinding. The book itself was a disaster but the pages still good so out they came and were rebound. I actually got two out of it, one has gone into my new shop, the other into Chalk Hill Studio proper. Why two shops?

My main website is for UK customers only as 90% of my business is for custom work and dealing with people in a different time zone is tricky when you need answers quick or have a large wedding order to complete so I opened an etsy shop for those wanting Chalk Hill products without the complications. In fact it has made me rethink what I sell and as a result am developing new exciting ranges as we speak. All I need are a few more hours in the day!


Helen said...

If you find out a way to squeeze a few extra hours into the day, please let me know!

Your notebooks and journals are so beautiful!

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is lovely, specially the colour!

Bee said...

I could spend hours in a stationary store and my absulute weakness is a beautiful journal. Your book is just gorgeous.