Saturday, March 15, 2008


After spending the best part of 3 days doing computer related work I decided to take a break to tidy up my beads. I've got lots of odd packets lying around that needed to go away and I'm one of those odd people that like things ordered. If I had the time to not be messy I would have everything ordered; there is something immensly satisfying about the mere act of filing everything away according to size or colour or letter of the alphabet. I'm not compulsive about it, just find the process theraputic. A way of controling the chaos.

Of course I can't get beads out without help; my little artist in resident was there to 'assist' but of course she ended up getting distracted making her own creation and chucking the rest on the floor, but who am I to stop creativity in progress?


Jennifer Rose said...

*jealous of all the beads* :p

Jen Lewis said...

That's a LOT of beads. You have been tagged!

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Jen x

natural attrill said...

Yes, I am impressed, you are very organised, my studio is full of Toby's beads and bits and pieces as well as my own illustration related mess!

yumptatious said...!
You live in Bead World! :-O
(gorgeous blog by the way! :-))