Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well so much for the instructions being in english, this didn't turn out to be as simple as it first looked! Unfortunately the instructions assumed that you already knew how to crochet in a round and didn't explain how to get started, so after a few failed attempts and a fair bit of swearing I had to look in another book to see what to do. So once I got going I thought it was fine until I realised I had misread something somewhere and was doing a rib stitch not single crochet - bah! So what you see in the picture is attempt number.... er actually I've lost count, plus I gained 10 stitches somewhere so although the stitch is right the shape is wrong. Oh well. Might just leave it as it is and give it Anya to use as a hat for her dolls.

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Tinder said...

Looks great though ... and as for stitches.. you know me, counting?! BAH!!
Well done!