Tuesday, January 29, 2008

IF - Tales and Legends

I would love to have been a writer. Unfortunately words don't come easily to me so I tell my stories visually (and even then they can let me down!). I have always loved the Hitchcock movies, wonderfully written and stunning to look at, not many filmmakers knew how to make black and white look so good. A tenuous link to this weeks Illustration Friday theme of tales and legends but I'm abusing my right to artistic license ;D


JO said...

Great work, well put together.

Rui Sousa said...

great illustration, really nice composition!

natural attrill said...

I like this piece,the typewriter keys, and especially the steps and building at the side, like you are peeping round the corner.

Magic Cochin said...

Hi Karen, I'm compiling links to Cambridge Open Studios members' blogs and have just add you to the posting.

Here's the link:

Gina said...

Hi Karen,

I've just found you via Celia's blog and can't imagine why I've not discovered your beautiful work before! Lovely blogg too... I'll be back!

Gina x