Monday, August 06, 2007

Printmaking Workshop

Last Thursday Kamal and I helped out at a printmaking workshop for local children which was loads of fun! I haven't done printmaking since college and it wasn't something I really took to but this time we used really simple techniques and water based inks and the results were fantastic. The first group of prints were using a technique called drypoint where the image is drawn or 'scratched' into a sheet of acetate with a sharp point then the ink rubbed into the scratches. The second group shows 'press print' where we used polystyrene (similar to pizza bases) and the design is pushed into the plate and the ink rolled over the top to leave white lines. The kids took to it really easily and I got to have a go too - see my birdy? Think this is something I will be trying at home, apparently if you don't have a press you can use the back of a wooden spoon. Watch this space!


Felicia said...

Now that looks like wonderful fun.

natural attrill said...

These are fantastic prints! what fun to do, I'd like to have a go.
I love the birdy.