Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Crochet Wire

I've been making wire jewellery on and off for a good few years now, usually as an addition to wedding stationery orders and the odd craft fair here and there but I recently discovered Sybille's Magpie Magic crocheted jewellery (via Natural Attrill) and was bowled over! It is fantastic! My normal jewellery wire is too think for crochet so she very kindly told me where she gets hers from and here is my first creation! Love it love it love it - thanks Sybille!!


Magpie Magic said...

Hi Karen,

This is lovely. Very bridal and pretty. :-)


natural attrill said...

I have recently been teaching myself to crochet, my attempts will be on the blog soon!

Felicia said...

It looks fantastic!

natural attrill said...

Hi Karen,

Your bracelet is very pretty, I can imagine bridesmaids wearing them, maybe little tiara's as well?

Sybille is so kind sharing all her information. Toby is now teaching himself to crochet too, she has started a craze - have to make sure he doesnt make anything too similar to hers!


misty said...

that is just so beautifl! wonderful, wonderful work!