Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's all gone a bit beige...

I'm still around, just up to my neck in emulsion while we 'neutralise' the flat ready to sell. Gone is my beautiful japanese cherry wall in the bedroom, gone is the stars and rockets and planets that adorned my son's ceiling, the 'dot com' purple in the kitchen is next to be targeted. We have gone cream and beige and white. My worst nightmare. It used to be that you decorated when you moved into a place but house prices being what they are here you have to decorate before you leave to squeeze every penny you can out of, or rather into the value of your property to stand a chance of buying somewhere bigger. Oh well, sobeit. I have to admit though I am rather enjoying the process now I have got over my initial panic, and it is rather exciting to think that we will have a garden and if I am lucky a room of my own to work in! (And don't tell anyone but I am actually starting to like the beige and cream walls too, perfect backdrop for some of my brighter canvases!) And the flower? I gave in trying to learn crochet off the internet and treated myself to a book or two with my birthday money, lots of new projects on the way!


natural attrill said...

Pretty flower, would look great with a lovely vintage button in the centre.
I like white walls myself, or off white, all ours are, and the colours come in other places like things we collect, or, lilac painted woodwork in my studio, jackson pollock style splatted floor, and pink kitchen unit doors, etc etc
I hope you sell your place quickly and for lotsa dosh! so you can move into a lovely new home with garden and your own studio.
Good luck.

Felicia said...

I lived for years and years in apartments with white walls. Ick. My first house had the most beautifully colored walls in the world. Best of luck to you!

suzie q said...

Oh, Karen! I've lived in rented accommodation all my adult life, and am so sick of magnolia paint! I wish you all the best with the sale/move, and I love your crochet! Hope your birthday was a good one, whenever it was! ;)
Hugs, Suze xXx

Alma Stoller said...

Really great crochet flower....I also love your doodling.