Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm slowly but surely plugging away at my loooong long list of things I need to get done before I retire, one of them being to put into reality the 1001 ideas that lurk in my sketchbook and get them on the website where they might actually earn me some money! So here is a sneaky peak at one of them for the kiddy section - it needs refining a bit as the middles of the flowers shouldn't have been that orange or that big, but it's already sparking off ideas for a range of things aside from cards... watch this space! (Oh and if you want to see how I did this check it out here.)


natural attrill said...

Very pretty. I didnt realise at first how much work goes into it, I thought it was a straight painting till I checked out the 'how to' to see it's all collage.

Matroskin said...

This is my first visit to your blog. There are so many great things to see! Do you use digital image altering - or whatever they're called - a lot? I love some of the dreamy, spooky images on your site. And your girl is so cute. I have two boys, and girl children always seem so - alien somehow compared to my rowdy boys!! I'll be back!

Felicia said...

It is such a pretty design. The tutorial was truly groovy too!