Monday, March 12, 2007

Illustration Friday - Wired

Wired pretty much describes how I'm feeling at the moment, too many late nights working, too many early mornings because of the little ones, and a lot of running around in between is not good for mind or body. One of the things I do to relax is doodle, I flick through magazines and draw faces. As you can tell I started with the old hag in the top left corner and they thankfully get better as my mind relaxes and my hand takes over. I really should try to make this more of a daily thing, I'm not the meditative type but this is the next best thing.


studio lolo said...

Interesting to do a doddle of all faces! Seems like a great way of meditation to me :)

Fabian Lemey said...

Like it, always liked the simplicity of spontaneous sketches!

Holly Stinnett said...


I found you through the 120 inchies group on I love your blog and am amazed at your illustrations. Just beautiful. Perhpas you'll create some inchies utilizing your fabulous drawing skills! I hope so. Keep up the beautiful work.


Sharon said...

I so agree with you about how doodling is so relaxing. I totally soothes me. Love all your wonderful faces, even the old hag.