Sunday, February 18, 2007

Night Out!

The children were left at their grandparents, and we got to spend an evening out, together, on our own! He'd bought me tickets to see Amy Winehouse for Christmas and the date conveniently fell near valentine's day, how's that for efficient pressie buying! We do get the odd night out occasionally but this time felt different somehow. After getting over the initial 'I've left something behind' feeling we began to remember how we were in our 20's, before Kamal arrived. Walking into the theatre I was 25 again, all the excitement came back, the feeling of freedom, the last 10 years of tiredness just fell away and I happily made it past 10 o'clock when I'm normally thinking about going to bed. With children to look after (which i love!) you do forget there is a world out there sometimes and I think after our little adventure the other night I think we will be making a bit more effort to visit a bit more often!


Judy Scott said...

Darling girl thankyou so much for your kind words ~ Im so thrilled you had a wonderful time together, its so easy to get into routine Jim and I also had a break yesterday ~ it was sooooo wonderful, heres to more wonderful times with our precious men, Jude xxxx

natural attrill said...

My mum would have liked that she likes Amy Winehouse!

suzie q said...

Excellent, Karen! I haven't been out in ages, either, and well remember that 'left something behind' feeling! :) I hope you do get to do this more often - it's a great feeling, eh?! As much as being a Mum is the best job in the world, it's all too easy to forget that all that stuff is going on out there without you, and it's great to join in once in a while. Big hug for hubby! :D